Children’s Spectacles

Even young children may find themselves having to wear spectacles, so whether you have a very young son or daughter, or even a teen who is struggling to find children’s spectacles to suit, we can help.

Large range of children’s spectacles

From our premises in Stockton Heath, Warrington, we have a large range of children’s spectacles in stock, including a vast selection of designer frames. Surprisingly, even the younger children now want to make a fashion statement with their glasses, so if they are going to have to wear spectacles, then why not get them something that looks great!

Depending upon the age of your child, they may already know what they are looking for or have a particular brand that they adore, whether it be Ted Baker, Ghost or Gucci or something similar. If this is the case, then we will let them try on the ones which attract them the most. As a parent you will be looking for children’s spectacles that are well made, strong, sturdy, fitted well and that don’t cost too much. We are with you on this so will work with your child patiently and sympathetically to ensure that they end up with the spectacles that they really like. If you or they are not sure what to go for, our attentive staff can provide plenty of advice when it comes to choosing frame shape, colour and design.

Relaxed and comfortable

If you child has never had to wear children’s spectacles before and this is their first entry into the world of glasses, we can help them to feel relaxed and comfortable and not too daunted at the fact that they will be wearing them. It can be an overwhelming experience, particularly for very young children or teens who are feeling slightly sensitive and self-conscious of the way they look. For this reason, we will take all the time that is needed to work with them and towards a satisfactory conclusion, which is them leaving our store with designer children’s spectacles that they adore.

If they are going to be wearing the designer frames at school, they may want to go with something fairly low key and not too striking. Alternatively, if they want more than one pair or children’s spectacles with designer frames that they can wear at home and when out with their friends, we can supply them with plenty of ideas and shapes and colours of designer spectacles to choose from.

The NHS can help your child

The NHS covers the cost of glasses up until the age of 16, for a basic frame, so when purchasing designer spectacles for your child all that you have to do is top up the difference in the cost. With designer frames now being affordable by everyone, you are sure to find something to delight your little ones and even bigger ones!

Did you know that the most critical development of the eye is between the ages of 0-12?

It is during that period that the connections between the eye and the brain take place enabling not only the eyes development but also the degree of vision that can be achieved. If during that period there is a block or disturbance to the vision it is possible that the eye will not form these connections fully. If this remains uncorrected then this could affect the quality of vision for a lifetime.

It is therefore important that the eyes at this age are monitoredand if necessary corrected so this development takes place.


Approx 1 on 5 children is expected to have an undetected visual defect which can not only affect future vision but also schoolwork and development.

Good eyesight is not only the passport to a happy, progressive childhood but also for the future. The problem is it’s not always easy to tell if your child is struggling! Many children with poor sight haven’t had anything to compare to and think this is normal. That’s why our children should be checked at least once every 12 months, or as recommended to ensure everything is developing as expected.

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Call into our store soon with your children and let us show them a few examples of our many children’s spectacles with designer frames.