Designer Glasses – Frames

No matter what type of eyewear you are looking for, we have it all and are even able to combine ultra-chic designer frames with traditional styles. Even if we don’t have your perfect match in stock, we will find it for you.

As far as our designer range of glasses and frames goes, here are our top picks:

Tiffany & Co

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co has epitomized exquisite style and innovation in jewellery design, channelling the glamour of its heritage with every piece. Its modern, chic sunglasses and optical frames carry that rich tradition into the present. When you think Tiffany, you tend to envision romance, style, quality, luxury and of course, Tiffany Blue! Show off your classic glamour with Tiffany & Co eyewear.


Known as the global leader in the premium eyewear market, Ray-Ban is one of the bestselling eyewear brands in the world. This iconic label goes back to 1937 when the very first Ray-Ban Aviator style sunglasses were launched for the US Air Force. The design took the fashion world by storm and it soon reached cult status with their Wayfarer design in 1952. Even now, both styles are regularly seen being worn by A-list Celebrities.

Face a Face

In 1995 Face A Face was created by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth as a French eyewear design company, based on modernity and creativity without compromise. Far from standardized fashion and conformist trends, each collection asserts its artistic temperament, drawing its inspiration from the sources of Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design. Each Face A Face frame expresses themselves through a unique colour range which is a true Face A Face trademark.

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples is an American luxury eyewear brand, established in 1987. The company opened its first boutique in West Hollywood, California. Oliver peoples frames are popular with celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jay Z, Jennifer Aniston and Barack Obama among many more, and is well known for its 50’s inspired retro look. Oliver Peoples frames are handcrafted from the finest quality materials, in colours and styles exclusive to the brand. Oliver peoples are often seen in Hollywood movies and some of the models such as the Gregory Peck, Sheldrake and Riley R have become iconic designs.


Orgreen Optics is a Danish eyewear company established in 1997 based in Copenhagen. They are most commonly known for their colour combinations, timeless Danish design and are   made from pure titanium. Orgreen Optics are also known for their extremely lightweight frames. Working solely with precious metals such as titanium and beta titanium, we proudly present a collection of optical and sunglass frames in a league of their own. Dive into an intriguing universe, reflecting an electric mix of many bold influences.


The Chloé eyewear collection provides a warm and feminine Parisian charm. The collection mirrors the brand’s iconic product categories by incorporating elements such as soft materials, feminine shapes and warm, sandy shades. Only the finest materials are used in the Chloé eyewear collection, including layered custom zyls, translucent acetates, mirrored plaques and metal adornments for iconic branding. Crystals in the eyewear collection are genuine Swarovski and are hand set into each Chloé frame.


Established in 1975 and acquired in 2007, Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world, with products that world-class athletes depend on to compete at the highest level possible. Oakley extended its position as a sports eyewear brand into apparel and accessories, offering men’s and women’s product lines that appeal to sports performance, active and lifestyle consumers. Oakley is also well known for the different types of lenses that they supply, such as Prism Road, Prism trail and many more.


Starck Eyes collection was established in 1996. This line marked a technological revolution: the “Biolink”, a screw-less hinge modelled after the human clavicle, which allows a full 360-degree movement for increased comfort and durability. Design, technology and materials are what make Starck’s eyewear collection truly unique. Each Starck frame is handmade in France.

Tom Davies Eyewear

Tom Davies is a British bespoke eyewear brand, founded by Tom Davies in 2002. Its headquarters are in Mortlake, London. In 2008 TD Tom Davies started to offer its bespoke eyewear service to opticians worldwide allowing an optician to design, unique, made-to-measure frames themselves. Production has since moved from England to China. In 2008 Davies opened his own factory in the hills outside Hong Kong. TD Tom Davies frames are the result of an integration of the skills required for handmade craft with an automated ordering process. Tom Davies frames allows you to create exactly what you are looking for in an optical frame and sunglasses.

Below are the brands we stock and sell

  • Oakley
  • Polo
  • Chloé
  • Tom Davies Eyewear
  • Oliver Peoples
  • Tiffany
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Ray-Ban
  • Tiffany
  • Starck
  • Paul Smith
  • Silhouette
  • Jaeger
  • Tom Ford
  • Orgreen
  • Starck
  • Dita
  • Jensen
  • Charles Stone
  • Face a Face
  • Nifties
  • Chopard
  • Mulberry
  • William Morris


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