Designer Sports Frames – Vision

When you are looking for sports vision glasses with designer frames, you have two main areas to concentrate on; getting the right visual mix of equipment to allow you to participate in your favourite sport easily and getting the right designer frames to suit your look, style and personality.

Sports glasses for all activities

When playing any kind of sport or getting involved in any type of sports activity it is essential that the glasses you are wearing do not cause any distortion of vision. Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean that you have to give up sport or have to wear contact lenses; in fact, your sports activity could even be made easier by you wearing the correct lense and the most suitable frame. Just take a look at some of most famous sports celebrities and you will see that they keep on taking part in activity, no matter whether or not they have to wear glasses.

At Martin Berry Opticians we take the time to treat your sports visions needs seriously which is why we are able to give expert and knowledgeable advice. Whether you are into football, skiing, running or something even more extreme, there will be a correct lense and designer frame to suit you. It is essential that your lense is as prescribed as trying to get involved in sport whilst suffering from visual problems can be both debilitating and tiring.

Large range of designer frames

With a massive range of designer frames in stock, we can match the frame and lenses so that you not only look good but perform well. If you are looking for designer sports frames with speciality tints in the lenses or polarised lenses to cut out annoying reflections, we can provide that too.

We hold in stock a vast range of designer frames ready to provide you with unrivalled sports vision. All of your favourites are here such as Gucci, Police, Boss or even Ray Ban, plus a whole lot more. If you’re not sure which brand to go for, we can help. Not only will we match your lenses to your frame but we will ensure that your designer sports vision glasses suit your face, your personality and your style. For the more active sports, we even have glasses with headband type straps, as often seen in the Oakley or Adidas ranges. Our specialist designer frames can also help to ensure that light does not creep in behind the lenses, bringing with it dust, rain or water. Your eyes are not only provided with superb vision ability but they are also protected from the elements and unforeseen damage.

Pop into our store

If sports vision designer glasses are what you are looking for, we are here to help at any time. Call into our store or telephone – our expert advice is ready and waiting, along with a fantastic choice of designer frames and sports lenses.