Eyecare for Adults and Children

Suitably located for Warrington, Frodsham, Helsby, Northwich or Cheshire, Martin Berry Opticians believe that eyecare and eyewear go hand in hand and that you deserve the very best service available.

Adult Eyecare

We don’t regard your eye examination as just the first step towards obtaining a new pair of spectacles; we look at this as a way of highlighting potential problems with the eyes and with your health generally. We can detect Glaucoma, Diabetes, high cholesterol and even tumours during this routine check.

The sooner they are detected, the earlier they can be treated. As well as checking for possible problems, we will also make 100% sure that you are wearing the correct prescription glasses to suit your eyes. The examination will include a full refraction, examination of the ocular surface and interior, monitoring of ocular pressures and visual field screening if required. We also provide a contact lens service including the latest high oxygen materials.

See full details on our CONTACT LENS page.

Children’s Eyecare

Children’s eyecare is precious and constant monitoring is needed to ensure that their eyes develop correctly and that they are healthy.

Up until the age of 12 years, development is critical which is why it is essential to detect any problems within that time. Problems left untreated may result in poor quality of vison when they reach adulthood. 1 in 5 children are believed to have an issue with their eyes which is undetected thereby making it much harder for them to perform well at school. For this reason we recommend a check-up every 12 months. The NHS covers the cost of the eye examination up until 16 years of age and the cost of a basic pair of spectacles. If your child wants something a little funkier, then they can choose from our full designer range and you just pay the difference.

Get in touch with us soon to discuss both your eye care and that of your child. We look forward to chatting with you or feel free to book an appointment online.

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